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Rock Rehab


The Team

RockRehab is comprised of talented individuals with years of experience in media and film. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds: law, journalism, engineering, media, photography and accounting. Since 2014, we have combined our variety of skills to create a suite of award-winning short films and high quality commercial work.

We recognise the impact of good film, whether it be to achieve a personal or commercial goal. We are motivated by our desire to tell meaningful stories and always searching for a business, story or talent to inspire us. The RockRehab team has a collaborative spirit; we love to work with new people and tell new stories – let us tell yours.


writer & director

Edward Wong

Edward is influenced by the deeply personal and sometimes political aspect of film story-telling. His writing is both self-reflective and nostalgic. In contrast, Edward's directing style is down-to-earth, assertive and confident. Edward has shown competency in organising productions involving over 50 members of cast and crew and is able to manage projects with many components. 

writer & director

Kit Lee

Kit is committed to the simplicity, structure and organisation of the film narrative and its technical composition. Kit's understanding of film is grounded in the audio-visual reality of the medium itself - he is very aware of the audiences' view of exactly what is depicted on screen and of the limitations of the film medium. Kit uses this understanding to deliver the end-product through his writing and direction.

Editor & Sound Technician

Quang Nguyen

Quang is meticulous in capturing quality sound and is firmly across the technical aspects that makes a production run smoothly. He approaches his editing intuitively, with an awareness of the emotive effect that the film is trying to achieve. Quang's attention to detail is everything you need in an editor, he is always on the look-out for the details that gives each project its final touch.


Cinematographer & EDITOR

Liam Hartley

Liam contributes his artistic eye to each project and helps to create the visual style from which the script is translated to the screen. Efficient and subtle visual story-telling, one which enhances the qualities of actor or landscape, is what Liam strives to achieve. Liam’s grasp of the complex visual modalities inherent in film-making make his contribution to every project distinct.  


Will Chao

Will brings drive and energy to each project; during a shoot, Will works proactively with to deliver client's expectations. With years of experience and success in professional photography, Will has an eye for a clean and aesthetic shot. Professionalism epitomises Will’s personal brand and, for commercial projects in particular, this characteristic brings his work into a class of its own.

Production Manager & PRODUCER

Alaine Thompson

Alaine helps to keep each project tightly structured, consistent and concise. Alaine understands the high degree of organisation that is needed to produce good cinema and is always standing by with a clipboard to make sure every box is ticked. She strives to maintain the mechanical workflow of each production and upholds the logistical rigour that is to be expected of high quality film-making.


Assistant Cinematographer

Jason Jiang

Bringing his enthusiasm to each project, Jason assists the cinematographers Will and Liam in their work, making every shoot more efficient. Jason is also an avid and astute editor and uses his many inspirations to create products that reflect his own excitement. For larger projects, Jason shoots Behind The Scenes and works as a second operator.