On any given night this winter, 1 in 200 Australians will sleep without a roof over their heads.

We had the honour of filming both the 'Homelessness Spotlight Series' and ‘Homeward Bound’ walk alongside Community Housing Limited to help raise awareness for the need to better address emergency housing. 

The Rock Rehab team were given the opportunity to capture these events to help CHL raise support for the growing population of homelessness in Melbourne’s East.

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Gia and Kevin's Story

Young couple Gia and Kevin have been without steady accommodation since February 2018...

August 6 marks the beginning of 2018 National Homelessness Week (August 6-12). Rock Rehab Productions, together with Community Housing Limited, have shared a series of short films every day during the National Homelessness Week on the lived experiences of those struggling with homelessness. 


Rena's Story


“My daughter doesn’t do the suicidal cuttings any more. My daughter feels safe, she doesn’t have to wake up at two o’clock in the morning wondering what would happen when the sun came up.” - Rena -

Welcome to the second video in a series of short films we've produced with Community Housing Limited on the lived experiences of those struggling with homelessness.

A National strategy on affordable housing is needed to address homelessness.


Phillip's Story

Philipp has been living in a Transitional Housing Property since 2016 – he talks about how bouts of alcoholism led to homelessness and once he had retired from nursing, how difficult it was to find private accommodation. He then recalls his first interview with Community Housing Limited and what it felt like to be accepted for housing.


Nyakuma's Story


As a mother of school-age children, Nyakuma speaks openly about the difficulties of her recent homelessness and what the stability of having a house brings to the family. Currently over 115,000 Australian’s are homeless and 41% of those are female.

"Homelessness is very hard, especially when you have children, to have nowhere to stay and tomorrow you don’t know what’s going to happen.
If you have a stable house you won’t be worrying too much about if you are going to sleep in the streets and may be look at gaining employment"

National action is needed, connect to the Everybody’s Home Campaign, and let’s end homelessness together.


Kevin's Story

“I am one of the ones that got busted for vagrancy a lot of times. I didn’t have any parents, they didn’t want to know me, so I turned to crime. I am proud of my son and I don’t want him to do what I was doing. I want him to have a nice home, I want to have a home before I die.”

Currently on the CHL wait-list receiving crisis support, Kevin has been homeless most of his life. Forced out of home at the age of 14, he has spent his life in and out of institutions and in trouble with the law. But that stopped when he wanted a better life for his son and himself. Watch Kevin’s story.