CINEMUGGER attempts to highlight the imperative to respect the efforts of film-makers. Piracy plagues the film industry and exacerbates the already vicious industry of show business. The narrator and torrent uploader – the Cinemugga himself – visits the cinema to record yet another film to upload. During his visit, he is confronted with his loneliness and the hypocrisy of his actions – in providing others with access to these films, he is depriving so many others of the cinematic experience.

CINEMUGGER brings us back to the fundamentals and explores why people enjoy going to the cinemas so much. Its crude phone camera parallels the distasteful perversion of the cinema’s movie magic through CINEMUGGER’s rudimentary guerilla filming style and seeks to remind audiences of the nostalgia where people still dressed up to go to the ‘pictures’.

Starring: Kit Lee, Edward Wong and Quang Nguyen