Frequently Asked Questions

What will you get with us?

We are a multicultural, hardworking and passionate team that is willing to go the extra mile for whatever your project may be. 

With every job, you will receive a polished and effective video where the attention to your purpose for creating is at the forefront. It's no secret that we're all 'cinephiles' here, so you can count on us to analyse every shot and every angle and otherwise be meticulous  in our process. 

We take our work seriously but pride ourselves on being an approachable, down to earth and easy-going team who genuinely enjoy bringing ideas to life. We will always be in close communication with you and ensure that the process is collaborative and transparent.

What video formats will we provide you with?

Quality is sacred to us, therefore all our footage is shot at up to a 4K resolution with the option of rendering at 1080p or below if required.

However, we're also open to shooting in retro formats if you're into that nostalgic Super 8 or Kodak look.

How long does editing usually take?

Every project is like a different portrait. Quality takes time and dedication, and should not be rushed. That being said, we respect deadlines religiously. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, after considering elements like sound, colour grading, music transitions, layering...etc., the editing will be conducted under a feasible timeframe that is carefully communicated to suit your needs.

Most of our commercial (2-5 minute) film are edited within a month. However, this varies on a case by case basis. 

What’s different about Rock Rehab?

We imbue a filmmaker’s mentality into every project ensuring every aspect of the production from script-writing all the way to final render is executed with great care and in service of the story being told. 

Our crew are all professionals in various fields of expertise (see our About page) and our commercial pursuits are balanced by our creative ones (see our Work page). This variety of experience and perspective can hopefully make the difference for your project.

Why are we called Rock Rehab?

Our name was inspired by a track title from the underground hip-hop artist Five Deez, remixed by Evan Awake. The song was unique and distinct; it was creative but also hard to define. Essentially, it was unlike any other hip-hop production we had heard before and it broadened our perspective on the genre. 

So much of who we are is shaped by our desire to be different and to have creative freedom to express our ideas through this medium. If you ever hear the song, or watch one of our films, we hope you feel that same inspiration.


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