“Why do we make movies?” “The illusion. The fantasy. The escape….” Three film-makers and mates — K, Q and E — attempt to create their first film.

Writer’s Retreat is a comedic coming of age film in which these friends discover that achieving one’s dreams is much harder than it seems. Enduring disappointment, rejection and ridicule, they eventually understand their motivations for making film.

As RockRehab’s debut project, this has sentimental value for all of us – it inspires us and represents what we stand for: creativity and courage at all costs. This is why we have decided to share this excerpt of the script, which is performed in the final moments of the film and is our ethos.

Why do we make movies?

The illusion. The fantasy. The escape. Those few fleeting moments, as the lights dim around us, our woes melt away and a vision unravels before our eyes. We suspend our disbelief, as we enter the silver portal into a new dimension, another world, someone else’s shoes – a conflicting point of view.

When we do that, our hearts’ deepest yearnings, anxieties, dreams and fears are magnified before us. And as we are absorbed, soaring with our friends and our adversaries, sure we’ve been fooled. But it is no trick. It is a reflection.

Why do we make movies? Tell stories?

To connect. To feel a little bit less alone in the world. And in those projected pixels, we see ourselves.

Starring: Moshe Topol, Joshua Varghese and Edward Wong